1: Witnesses claim woman opened fire with intent, citing solar eclipse as divine signal to act violently.

2: Gunwoman believed eclipse was a celestial sign to unleash violence on unsuspecting drivers.

3: Tragic event unfolds as woman interprets solar eclipse as God's approval for shooting spree.

4: Shooting spree leaves drivers in shock as woman claims solar eclipse as justification for violence.

5: Woman's horrific actions blamed on warped belief that solar eclipse symbolized permission to kill.

6: Innocent victims left traumatized by woman's delusional interpretation of solar eclipse as divine command.

7: Tragedy strikes as woman acts on misguided belief that solar eclipse was beckoning her to kill.

8: Gunwoman's deadly rampage linked to distorted perception of solar eclipse as sign from God to commit violence.

9: Heartbreaking incident highlights dangers of misinterpreting celestial events as justification for heinous acts.