1: Olivia Pope, the formidable fixer with a secret past, could lead an intriguing spinoff for ABC.

2: Quinn Perkins, a former assassin turned investigator, has the potential for a thrilling new series.

3: Huck, the tech-savvy spy with a dark past, could bring suspense to a spinoff show.

4: Mellie Grant, the ambitious and cunning former First Lady, could inspire a political drama spinoff.

5: Rowan Pope, the mysterious and manipulative former B613 chief, could lead a thrilling spinoff series.

6: David Rosen, the dedicated and justice-driven attorney, could inspire a legal drama spinoff.

7: Cyrus Beene, the morally ambiguous political mastermind, could lead a gripping spinoff show.

8: Abby Whelan, the tough and resourceful investigator, could bring a fresh perspective to a spinoff series.

9: Jake Ballard, the enigmatic spy with a complicated past, could lead a thrilling action-packed spinoff for ABC.