1: As The Walking Dead's Rick and Michonne, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira prepare for their romantic spinoff, they binged the hit show Bridgerton.

2: Lincoln and Gurira aimed to capture the swoon-worthy romance of Bridgerton in their upcoming RickMichonne spinoff.

3: With the chemistry between Lincoln and Gurira, fans can expect a captivating love story in the RickMichonne spinoff.

4: The Walking Dead fans are eagerly anticipating the romantic RickMichonne spinoff after hearing about Lincoln and Gurira's preparation.

5: As Lincoln and Gurira dive into their new roles, they are inspired by the passion and love portrayed in Bridgerton.

6: The dynamic between Lincoln and Gurira promises to bring a fresh and emotional depth to the RickMichonne spinoff.

7: Fans of The Walking Dead can't wait to see how Lincoln and Gurira's characters evolve in the romantic spinoff.

8: Lincoln and Gurira's dedication to preparing for the RickMichonne spinoff by watching Bridgerton shows their commitment to creating a compelling love story.

9: The RickMichonne spinoff is sure to capture audiences' hearts with the on-screen chemistry between Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira.