1: In a shocking turn of events, Switzerland's Nemo accidentally breaks Eurovision trophy right after winning.

2: The whole world was in disbelief as the coveted trophy slipped from Nemo's grasp and shattered into pieces.

3: Fans and viewers were left stunned as the Eurovision celebrations quickly took a somber turn.

4: Despite the accident, Nemo remained composed and apologized for the mishap.

5: Switzerland's Nemo's triumph turned into a bittersweet moment with the Eurovision trophy in ruins.

6: The incident sparked a debate on trophy safety and handling protocols for future winners.

7: Nemo's unfortunate mishap will forever be remembered as one of Eurovision's most unforgettable moments.

8: Despite the setback, Nemo's win will go down in Eurovision history as a memorable victory.

9: The broken trophy incident serves as a cautionary tale for future Eurovision winners to handle their trophies with care.