1: Prince Harry and Meghan visit Lagos, Nigeria. Witness a vibrant street-style dance performance in the heart of the city.

2: Locals showcase energetic moves and creative choreography to the royal couple. The duo is mesmerized by the cultural display.

3: Dancers blend traditional African rhythms with modern dance techniques. The scene is a celebration of diversity and talent.

4: Harry and Meghan join in the fun, clapping and cheering along with the crowd. It's a joyful moment of unity and connection.

5: The couple embraces the local culture, immersing themselves in the music and movement of Lagos's vibrant dance scene.

6: The performance continues, captivating the audience with its infectious energy and dynamic choreography.

7: Harry and Meghan's visit highlights the importance of cultural exchange and appreciation. They dance with passion and enthusiasm.

8: The royal couple leaves with warm memories of their time in Lagos, inspired by the beauty and creativity of the local dance community.

9: As they bid farewell, Harry and Meghan express gratitude for the hospitality and artistry they experienced in Nigeria's bustling metropolis.