1: Meghan Markle offered $1 million per second to return to Suits, but there's a catch.

2: The catch? Meghan would need to film only one scene for the show's final episode.

3: Fans are buzzing about the possibility of seeing Meghan back on their screens.

4: Will Meghan accept the offer and make a surprise return to Suits?

5: Sources say Meghan is considering the offer but has not made a decision yet.

6: Suits producers are hopeful that Meghan will agree to the cameo appearance.

7: The show's fans are eager to see Meghan reprise her role as Rachel Zane.

8: Stay tuned as we wait to see if Meghan will make her highly anticipated return.

9: What do you think about Meghan being offered $1 million per second for a Suits comeback?