1: Marvel Studios had heartbreaking original plans for Daredevil Born Again, but Charlie Cox says it's better now.

2: The actor reveals that the initial vision for the project left fans feeling disheartened.

3: Cox assures fans that the series is back on track and better than ever.

4: Marvel Studios and Cox promise a thrilling and faithful adaptation of the beloved comic arc.

5: The actor expresses excitement for the series to finally do justice to the iconic storyline.

6: Fans can expect a dark and emotional journey with Daredevil in its upcoming adaptation.

7: Cox's comments give hope to fans who were worried about the fate of the project.

8: Marvel Studios’ new plans for Daredevil Born Again promise to please fans of the character.

9: The actor's reassurance and excitement set the stage for a promising reimagining of Daredevil's story.