1: Tiana Sumanasekera, a 16-year-old gymnast, is inspired by Simone Biles and Jordan Chiles.

2: Tiana looks up to Biles and Chiles for their dedication and talent in the sport.

3: The presence of Biles and Chiles motivates young gymnasts like Tiana to excel.

4: Tiana admires the perseverance and skills of Biles and Chiles in gymnastics.

5: Biles and Chiles serve as role models for aspiring gymnasts, including Tiana.

6: Tiana's admiration for Biles and Chiles showcases their influence in the sport.

7: The legacy of Biles and Chiles continues to inspire gymnasts like Tiana.

8: Tiana's appreciation for Biles and Chiles highlights their impact on the gymnastics community.

9: The presence of Biles and Chiles in the sport motivates young athletes like Tiana to reach new heights.