1: Jennifer Esposito, who played Jackie on Blue Bloods, is returning to the show for the ending fans have been waiting for.

2: Fans are thrilled to see Esposito reprise her role as Jackie, bringing closure to her character's story arc on Blue Bloods.

3: Jackie's return is sure to add an extra layer of drama and excitement to the series finale of Blue Bloods.

4: Esposito's portrayal of Jackie was a fan-favorite, and her return is a fitting conclusion to the character's journey on Blue Bloods.

5: As the show comes to an end, fans are looking forward to seeing how Jackie's story will unfold in the final episodes of Blue Bloods.

6: Esposito's return to Blue Bloods is a long-awaited event that promises to deliver a satisfying conclusion to Jackie's character arc.

7: The return of Jennifer Esposito as Jackie on Blue Bloods is sure to make the series finale a memorable and emotional experience for fans.

8: With Esposito back on the show, viewers can expect to see some exciting twists and turns as Jackie's story reaches its conclusion.

9: Overall, Jennifer Esposito's return to Blue Bloods is the perfect ending that fans have been waiting for, giving Jackie the closure she deserves.