1: Title: Jake Borelli Leaving Grey's Anatomy Content: Jake Borelli will be exiting Grey's Anatomy, leaving fans in shock as veteran series regulars also consider episode reductions.

2: Title: Goodbye to Dr. Levi Schmitt Content: Actor Jake Borelli's departure means saying goodbye to Dr. Levi Schmitt on Grey's Anatomy next season.

3: Title: Impact on Grey's Anatomy Cast Content: The departure of Jake Borelli will have a significant impact on the Grey's Anatomy cast dynamics.

4: Title: Fans React to the News Content: Fans reacted with mixed emotions to the news of Jake Borelli leaving Grey's Anatomy in the upcoming season.

5: Title: What's Next for Jake Borelli? Content: Fans wonder what's next for actor Jake Borelli after his departure from Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Levi Schmitt.

6: Title: Farewell to Dr. Schmitt Content: The upcoming season of Grey's Anatomy will bid farewell to Dr. Levi Schmit as portrayed by Jake Borelli.

7: Title: Grey's Anatomy's Evolution Content: Jake Borelli's departure marks a new chapter in the evolution of Grey's Anatomy as the series regulars consider episode reductions.

8: Title: Saying Goodbye to Jake Borelli Content: Saying goodbye to Jake Borelli as he leaves Grey's Anatomy next season will be a bittersweet moment for fans.

9: Title: Transition for Grey's Anatomy Content: The departure of Jake Borelli signals a transition for Grey's Anatomy as the series regulars face possible episode reductions.