1: Simone Biles, the Olympic champion, expresses her pride as her husband, Jonathan Owens, joins the Chicago Bears.

2: Biles applauds Owens for his hard work and dedication that led to his signing with the NFL team.

3: The talented gymnast shares her excitement for Owens' new journey in professional football with the Bears.

4: Biles describes Owens as a source of inspiration and support in her own athletic endeavors.

5: The couple's love and mutual respect shine through as Biles celebrates Owens' achievement.

6: Biles and Owens continue to encourage each other to reach new heights in their respective careers.

7: As Owens prepares to take the field for the Bears, Biles stands by his side as his biggest cheerleader.

8: The power couple's bond and mutual admiration serve as a model for teamwork and success.

9: Biles and Owens prove that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.