1: Meghan Markle lost her role on Suits spinoff Due to creative differences, as per a close pal.

2: The spinoff creators envisioned a different direction for the show, leading to Markle's exit.

3: Markle's departure from the role was amicable, with no hard feelings involved.

4: The creators wanted to explore new storylines, which did not align with Markle's vision.

5: Markle's close friend sheds light on the behind-the-scenes discussions that led to her departure.

6: Despite losing the role, Markle remains on good terms with the Suits spinoff creators.

7: Markle's exit from the show opened up opportunities for new talent to shine.

8: The decision for Markle to leave the show was a mutual agreement between her and the creators.

9: Although Markle no longer has a role on the spinoff, her legacy on Suits continues to resonate with fans.