1: "Tonight's solar eclipse is a must-see event for Brits, but beware of hefty fines for careless driving."

2: "Drivers must not use mobile phones or sunglasses while watching the eclipse to avoid fines."

3: "Keep your eyes on the road and avoid distractions to stay safe and avoid penalties."

4: "Penalty for careless driving during eclipse can be up to £1000, so stay alert."

5: "Stay safe on the roads during tonight's solar eclipse to avoid fines and accidents."

6: "Plan your journey in advance and avoid distractions to enjoy the eclipse without penalties."

7: "Remember to keep your focus on the road at all times during the solar eclipse."

8: "Be aware of the risks of driving during the eclipse and avoid penalties by staying attentive."

9: "Enjoy the solar eclipse safely by driving responsibly and avoiding fines."