1: Fans are eager for a Dragon Ball Daima 10 spinoff series that explores the Saiyan origins.

2: A spinoff focusing on Vegeta and Bulma's relationship is highly anticipated by fans.

3: A series delving into the history of the Namekian race is a top request from fans.

4: Fans are hoping for a spinoff centered on the adventures of the Z Fighters' children.

5: A series exploring the mysterious Universe 6 Saiyans has fans excited for new lore.

6: Fans are eager for a spinoff showcasing the training and growth of Goten and Trunks.

7: A spinoff focusing on the androids and their backstory is in high demand from fans.

8: Fans are clamoring for a series that follows Gohan as he embraces his role as Earth's protector.

9: A spinoff series centered on the gods of destruction and their rivalry has fans intrigued for more divine battles.