1: Disney Vs Studio Ghibli Find out who has the best villains in this epic battle of evil.

2: Disney Villains From Maleficent to Ursula, Disney's villains are iconic and unforgettable.

3: Studio Ghibli Villains Hayao Miyazaki's films feature complex villains like Lady Eboshi and Yubaba.

4: Comparison Disney villains often have tragic backstories while Ghibli villains are more morally grey.

5: Evil Schemes Disney villains plot elaborate schemes while Ghibli villains are driven by their beliefs.

6: Character Development Disney villains may redeem themselves, while Ghibli villains often remain steadfast in their ways.

7: Legacy Disney's villains have left a lasting impact on popular culture, while Ghibli's villains are praised for their depth.

8: Vote Now Who do you think has the best villains? Cast your vote for Disney or Studio Ghibli.

9: Conclusion Both Disney and Studio Ghibli have created remarkable villains, each with their own unique qualities. Ultimately, the choice of who has the best villains is up to you.