1: "Simone Biles Opens Up" Simone Biles shares her struggles with Twisties at Tokyo Olympics 2020.

2: "Mental Health Struggles" Biles reflects on the pressure and mental toll of competing on the world stage.

3: "America's Reaction" Some backlash from America after Biles steps back from competition.

4: "Global Support" Global outpouring of support and understanding for Biles' decision.

5: "Breaking Stereotypes" Biles challenges the notion of always pushing through no matter what.

6: "Importance of Mental Health" Biles emphasizes the need for athletes to prioritize mental well-being.

7: "Empowering Others" Biles' story inspires others to speak up about their mental health struggles.

8: "Continuing the Conversation" The spotlight on mental health in sports continues to grow.

9: "Strength in Vulnerability" Biles' courage in sharing her story helps break the stigma around mental health.