1: Introduction Discover why situps may not be the best core exercise. A personal trainer shares 3 alternatives that can help you build a stronger core.

2: Planks Strengthen your core with planks. Hold the position for a few seconds every day to see results.

3: Russian Twists Engage your obliques by adding Russian twists to your workout routine for a stronger core.

4: Bicycle Crunches Target multiple core muscles with bicycle crunches. Include them in your exercise regimen for a stronger core.

5: Leg Raises Enhance your core strength by incorporating leg raises into your workout routine. See the difference in no time.

6: Mountain Climbers Burn calories and strengthen your core with mountain climbers. Add this dynamic exercise to your routine for maximum benefits.

7: V-Ups Challenge your core muscles with V-Ups. Increase the difficulty over time for a stronger and more defined core.

8: Flutter Kicks Engage your lower abs with flutter kicks. Include them in your daily routine for a stronger core.

9: Conclusion Upgrade your core workout with these 3 exercises recommended by a personal trainer. Say goodbye to situps and hello to a stronger core.