1: Elevate your tuna salad sandwich with avocado for added creaminess and healthy fats.

2: Swap out mayo for Greek yogurt to cut down on calories while still enjoying the creamy texture.

3: Add a pop of sweetness and crunch with diced apples or grapes in your tuna salad mix.

4: Opt for whole grain bread to add fiber and keep you feeling full longer.

5: Mix in some fresh herbs like dill or parsley for a burst of flavor and added nutrients.

6: Amp up the protein content by adding hard-boiled eggs to your tuna salad sandwich.

7: Don't forget to season your tuna salad mix with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon for extra flavor.

8: Use a whole avocado as a healthy and creamy alternative to traditional spreads on your sandwich.

9: Experiment with different variations of tuna salad, like Mediterranean-inspired with olives and feta.