1: "Embrace The Curly Girl Method" Learn to care for your curls with the Curly Girl Method.

2: "Use a Microfiber Towel" Avoid frizz by drying your curls with a microfiber towel.

3: "Avoid Heat Styling" Protect your curls by air drying and limiting heat styling.

4: "Detangle With Fingers" Gently detangle curls with your fingers instead of a brush.

5: "Try Plopping" Plop your curls with a t-shirt for defined and bouncy curls.

6: "Refresh Curls With Water" Revive your curls by spritzing with water and scrunching.

7: "Satin Pillowcase" Prevent frizz by sleeping on a satin pillowcase.

8: "Deep Condition Regularly" Keep your curls hydrated and healthy with deep conditioning treatments.

9: "Protect Curls at Night" Preserve your curls by sleeping in a loose pineapple or bun.