1 1. Attack on Titan: The ending didn't satisfy fans. 2. Tokyo Ghoul: Rushed conclusion left viewers disappointed.

2 3. Bleach: Abrupt ending leaving loose ends. 4. Deadman Wonderland: Lack of closure upset fans.

3 5. Noragami: Unresolved plot points left fans hanging. 6. D.Gray-man: Series halted without resolving major arcs.

4 7. Nana: Manga's hiatus left fans yearning for more. 8. Claymore: Incomplete adaptation left fans unsatisfied.

5 9. Devil is a Part-Timer: Fans eager for season 2. 10. The Promised Neverland: Anime deviates from manga, fans upset.

6 11. Highschool of the Dead: No continuation after author's death. 12. No Game No Life: Fans eagerly awaiting season 2.

7 13. Spice and Wolf: Unresolved romantic tension left fans wanting more. 14. Gangsta: Cancelled due to studio bankruptcy, fans disappointed.

8 15. Black Bullet: Anime ends abruptly, fans craving more. 16. Pandora Hearts: Unresolved mysteries, fans left hanging.

9 17. Rosario + Vampire: Departure from manga plot, fans unsatisfied. 18. Gantz: Anime ends without adapting full manga, fans frustrated.