1: 1. Satsuki and Mei meet Totoro at the bus stop. 2. Totoro plays the ocarina and makes plants grow. 3. The Catbus takes Satsuki and Mei on a magical ride.

2: 4. Totoro shelters Satsuki and Mei from the rain. 5. Totoro dances in the moonlight with Satsuki and Mei. 6. Satsuki and Mei wait with Totoro for the acorns to grow.

3: 7. Totoro helps plant the seeds in the forest. 8. Satsuki and Mei fly on the Catbus to find their mother's umbrella. 9. Totoro sends Satsuki and Mei a present of corn.

4: 10. Totoro watches over Satsuki and Mei as they sleep. 11. Satsuki, Mei, and Totoro take a relaxing bath together. 12. Totoro helps Satsuki and Mei find their lost mother.

5: 13. Totoro rides the Catbus with Satsuki and Mei to the hospital. 14. Totoro comforts Satsuki and Mei when their mother is sick. 15. Satsuki and Mei hold hands with Totoro in the rainy night.

6: 16. Totoro plays the ocarina and makes the trees bow down. 17. Totoro helps Satsuki and Mei find the missing seeds. 18. Satsuki and Mei plant the seeds with Totoro's help.

7: 19. Totoro helps the sisters see their mother in the hospital. 20. Totoro brings life to the magic acorns. 21. Satsuki and Mei thank Totoro for his help and friendship.

8: 22. Totoro flies Satsuki and Mei home on the Catbus. 23. Totoro waves goodbye to Satsuki, Mei, and the Catbus. 24. Satsuki and Mei will always cherish their memories with Totoro.

9: 25. Totoro shows Satsuki and Mei his magical world. 26. Totoro helps Satsuki and Mei overcome their fears. 27. Satsuki, Mei, and Totoro create everlasting bonds of friendship.