1: 1. The constant danger poses a serious threat. 2. Sacrifices are necessary for the greater good. 3. The public scrutiny can be overwhelming.

2: 4. Trust is a luxury rarely afforded. 5. The weight of responsibility is burdensome. 6. Personal relationships often suffer as a result.

3: 7. The toll on mental health is immense. 8. The Avengers face criticism from all sides. 9. The reality of death is always present.

4: 10. The line between hero and villain is blurred. 11. Isolation becomes a part of their reality. 12. The need for secrecy adds to the stress.

5: 13. The Avengers are always in the public eye. 14. Constant battle takes a physical toll. 15. The never-ending fight against evil is draining.

6: 16. The struggle with personal identity is constant. 17. The limitations of power can be frustrating. 18. The weight of past failures is heavy.

7: 19. The burden of leading and decision-making is immense. 20. The price of fame can be high. 21. The struggle with morality is a daily battle.

8: 22. Betrayal and manipulation are ever-present threats. 23. The fear of losing loved ones is constant. 24. The Avengers must always be prepared for the worst.

9: 25. The constant need to save the world is exhausting. 26. The possibility of being forgotten looms large. 27. The harsh realities of being an Avenger can be overwhelming.