1: Envy's shapeshifting ability makes them a formidable foe, embodying jealousy and malice.

2: Wrath's swordsman skills coupled with his rage make him a formidable opponent.

3: Lust uses her seductive charm to manipulate others before revealing her true sinister nature.

4: Gluttony's insatiable appetite for destruction makes him a terrifying adversary.

5: Sloth's laziness conceals his immense strength, making him a dangerous enemy.

6: Pride's arrogance and superiority complex make him a chilling villain.

7: Greed's desire for wealth and power drives his ruthless actions.

8: Father's manipulation and thirst for god-like power make him the ultimate antagonist.

9: Scar's tragic past fuels his quest for vengeance, making him a complex anti-hero.