1: Start your day right with these 5-minute Mediterranean diet breakfast ideas that are packed with fiber for better digestion.

2: Whip up a quick chia seed pudding or Greek yogurt bowl for a protein-packed and fiber-rich breakfast option.

3: Incorporate whole grains like oats or quinoa into your morning routine for a filling and fiber-filled meal.

4: Make a colorful fruit and vegetable smoothie to kickstart your day with a burst of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

5: Try a veggie omelette or avocado toast for a savory and satisfying breakfast that's also high in fiber.

6: Prepare a batch of overnight oats with fresh berries and nuts for a make-ahead fiber-rich breakfast on-the-go.

7: Enjoy a bowl of mixed nuts and seeds with a side of fresh fruit for a quick and easy fiber-packed breakfast option.

8: Bake a batch of whole grain muffins or pancakes to enjoy throughout the week for a tasty and fiber-filled breakfast.

9: Experiment with different combinations of fruits, nuts, seeds, and whole grains to create your own custom Mediterranean diet breakfast bowl.